The following bonuses are available in the Service environment.

Registered User discount is –5% for all purchases in the Service environment starting from the second purchase. Registration as a User does not involve any obligations as regards to the frequency or size of the purchases. Registration is free of charge.

For a registered User the delivery of a purchase over 75.- (seventy five) euro within Estonia is free of charge. Generally this is not applicable in case of international shipments (outside Estonia). The Service Provider may offer this bonus to the User on exceptional occasions (high purchase volume or according to additional written agreements.

Volume discounts. The Service Provider appreciates all Users/Customers, but attaches special value to the permanent and repetitive  users of the Service. Hence volume discounts are offered. Volume discounts apply on the basis of cumulative volume of the different purchases of the same User. The discount increases with the growth of the cumulative purchases.

The volume discount is calculated by the Service Environment automatically (to wholesale ammounts) and it is kg-based. Accumulation is calculated on the basis of the User’s purchases during the previous year (365-day year).

Volume discount rates for 365-day period (their discounts will be calculated handly after order):

Up to 5,999 kg        >  - 0,0%;

 6 kg - 10,999 kg    >  - 5,0%;

11 kg - 15,999 kg   > - 12,5%;

16 kg and more > please, ask the offer to own wished ammount!

For bigger purchases and for wholesale Customer Service should be approached for special offers regarding the product pricing as well as shipping charge.

NB! Registered User receives -5% User discount in addition to volume discounts.

Seasonal, campaign, product and other discounts.

Besides the above mentioned discounts the Service Provider may also offer discounts on specific products or product groups or offer discounts for certain time periods or have sales campaigns. The Service Provider may but is not obliged to inform the User of such bonuses.
The extra discounts will be additional to the User and volume discounts as defined above.


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