Guarantee and Return

Right to return and exchange. According to the Law the User has the right to return the products/goods procured through the Service within 14 days from the moment the goods/products have been made available to the User.

In case the User has not provided the Service Provider the information on the time of reception, the Service Provider will tacitly calculate 1 to 7 days as the shipment period, depending on the delivery address. The User is advised to  always provide written feed-back to the Service Provider concerning the time of reception of the goods- this improves the calculation of the delivery time and offer even better service to the customers. The Service Provider has the right to request documental proof of reception- hence please keep all documents pertaining to the delivery.

The returned products must be in its original packing, unused, unsoiled and otherwise unspoiled with original markings and labels. The customer has the liability to compensate the loss of sales value from trying out or spoiling the product(s).

The full shipment costs for the partial or full return of the pruchased goods must be borne by the customer. The Service Provider will not be liable for any other charge except for the partial or full invoiced price (in case of unmarred goods) of the returned goods earlier paid for the returned goods by the customer.

Not available for return are special orders and products cut to order if not agreed differently in writing between the Service Provider and the Customer. Products not answering the requirements for returnable products (see above) cannot be returned.

Defective products have to be replaced at Customer’s request by a similar product. In case replacement with identical or similar product is not possible the Customer must be refunded. In case a batch, i.e. more than 1 unit, of products has been purchased and only a part of the batch is defective and identical products are in  stock and can be replaced, the Customer cannot claim the replacement of the whole batch. Refund can be claimed only in case replacement is not possible. Only the price paid for the defective product(s) by the customer is refundable: no other direct or indirect damages within the guarantee or outside it will be compensated. Upon replacing defective product(s) both the delivery and the replacement product(s) are free of charge. In other cases of return or replacement the full delivery cost must be borne by the Customer. In case the price of the replacing product is lower the difference will be refunded.

The basis of the guarantee is the invoice issued by the Service Provider to the Customer when using the Service. Hence the invoices should be archived carefully together with the delivery documents.

Informing of defective products. The Customer has the right to lodge complaints with the Service Provider concering defective product(s) within two years from the reception.

In such case, and if the Service Provider and the Customer do not reach agreement, the Service Provider has 6 (six) months to prove that the defect is the result of mishandling, incorrect maintenance or incorrect stocking. The remaining 18 /eighteen) months are given to the Customer for proving that the product had been defective upon reception and has not resulted from incorrect handling, maintaining or stocking.

The invoice received upon using the Service serves also as proof of purchase and must be archived properly. Please follow the user and maintenance instructions as complaints are acceptable only about material or production defects.  The Service Provider does not carry liability for incorrect use and/or maintenance. The guarantee does not cover product damage and accompanying loss of value resulting from natural wear, incorrect stocking, soiling and/or similar factors. The product guarantee does not cover physical damage to or loss of product(s) during shipment- the liability rests with the delivery service provider. In case of having doubts concering the correct use, maintenance and/or stocking the Customers are advised to connect send enquireis to the Service Provider’s Customer Service.

The product defects do not include small faults, inaccuracies and differences as the production involves a lot of handcraft and small differences are unavoidable, adding to the value instead of diminishing it. Attributes that are charcteristic to the product and/or material do not count as defects.
Exchange and return. Exchange or return of the purchased goods can be effected by sending a message to the Service Provider’s Customer Service’s e-mail address:, containing detailed explanation of the reasons for desiring to return or exchange the product(s). The message must have the following data:

  1. Customer’s name and contact infromation;
  2. Detailed description of the product’s defect(s) or other reasons (14 days for getting acquainted with the product(s)) for the return, attaching photos if possible;
  3. Claim for the refund (within limits of the price paid);
  4. Number of the invoice containing the product(s), purchase and reception dates as well as electronic copies of these documents;
  5. Customer’s bank account details;
  6. Date.

Upon reaching agreement for replacing or exchanging the product, for shipment purposes the Service Provider’s delivery address is: Wool & Yarn OÜ, Suur tn 91, 48306 Jõgeva linn, Jõgevamaa, Eesti Vabariik, EU.

In case you received your purchase via Smartpost/Itella package automated package compartment, within 14 days from reception you can use the door code used to get the goods for returning the goods. Upon returning the goods the shipment cost will be deducted from the refund.

Informing the Customer and refund. The Service Provider will acknowledge the reception of the returned goods by sending a message to the Customer’s e-mail address. The Service Provider will check the returned goods and upon finding the requirements for the return fulfilled, the Service Provider will refund to the Cusomer. The refund will be transferred to the Customer’s bank account as soon as possible but not later than 30 days from the reception of the returned goods by the Service Provider. The Service Provider will inform the Customer of the refund by sending a pertinent message to the Customer’s e-mail address. In case the Customer has given the Service Provider the details of several bank accounts, the Service Provider has the right to choose the bank account for the refund the bank account most suitable for him.

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